Purples and Pinks

I know I talk a lot about purple and pink flowers and you will probably hear it over and over the rest of the year. I  keep finding myself gravitating towards these colors! This year I grew some new hibiscuses that are pinks and purples as you can see below.  I am also sharing some pictures of alstroemeria, hollyhocks, nicotiana, clematis, and an interesting succulent called lampranthus deltoides.



Zebrina Hollyhock Mallow


Inticancha Indigo Alstroemeria

Nicotiana Perfume Deep Purple

Plum Gorgeous Vancouver Clematis

Lampranthus deltoides

I hope you enjoyed the glorious flowers today. Below is a gorgeous view of my garden a few days ago where it was partly cloudy and sunny.  The way the sunlight shined on the garden is beautiful.

Gladiolus Garden

My garden is currently colored with gladiolus flowers in shades of pink, purple, and cream. This year is the best flowering season thus far, probably because it has been in my garden for 3 years and also I gave it a bit of bone meal fertilizer early in the season. The colors are deeper, stalks are greener and petals are more perfectly formed. I didn’t even know they were so ruffled until this year!

One of my greatest love about the gladioli is that they make great cutting flowers. They last for more than a week if you cut the stems off by an inch every few days and change water. These flowers below are stunning in vases! I have been putting them in vases to leave on co-workers’ desks these past few weeks. At home no one appreciates flowers like I do since my children are both boys and even the two dogs are males!

Gingkaku Melons

I am thrilled to share with you my Gingkaku melon plants that just started bearing fruit! I normally like to focus on flowers in my yard but the flowering of this melon is extremely exciting since the last few months it looked like it was never going to grow. Maybe the 100 degrees heat helped these plants thrive. They are the cutest!

Gingkaku melons are Korean melons that you may find at some Asian stores. All the ones I have tasted were sweet and juicy so when I saw that Superseeds.com had seeds for sale I nabbed it. I started growing the seeds in March and all these months it was growing very slowly. I didn’t have hope that it was going to survive. These here are beautiful plants! I hope it continues to thrive and not be diseased in the next few months. I may do a follow up post.

There are two plants growing in this patch.